Benzoyl peroxide
Tert-Butyl peroxybenzoate
Tert-Butyl hydroperoxide
Di-tert-Butyl peroxide
Acetyl chloride
2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl peroxide

Product name: 2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-Di(Tert-butyl peroxide)hexane
Structure formula:
Molecular formula: C16H34O4
Molecular weight: 290.44
CAS NO.: 78-63-7
(UN-No): 3105
(CN-No): 52005
EINECS No.: 201-128-1
Property: Pale yellow oily liquid, is a dialkyl organic peroxide, mp 8 ℃, relative density 0.8650, refractive index 1.4185 (28 ℃), flash point: closed / 36 ℃, open / 58 ℃, 80 self-accelerating decomposition temperature ℃. not soluble in water, soluble in alcohols, esters, ethers, hydrocarbons and organic solvents, has a special smell. active oxygen Content11.02%, the activation energy
Content(%): ≥93
Use: For silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber and other rubber crosslinking agent, crosslinking agent and polyethylene can be used as the curing agent for unsaturated polyester.
Packaging: 10kg,25kg PE drum Packaging.
Note: 10-30℃Store in a cool ventilated place, transportation, exposure and strenuous exercise should be avoided. Refrain from heat and acid, reducing agent such as during storage or shipment.
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